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Qian Gao', 'Gao Qian

West to East: A Young Girl's Journey to China

West to East: A Young Girl's Journey to China

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the Result Of An Eleven-year-old Girl's Six-week Journey To China, This Book Offers A Unique Perspective On The Differences And Similarities Of Chinese And American Ways Of Life. Born In China And Raised In Texas, Qian Gao Initially Experienced Culture Shock As She Toured Hong Kong, Canton, Beijing, Shanghai, And Fuzhou. But This Shock Was Soon Replaced With A Deep Understanding And Profound Joy Of Her Native Land. Ms. Gao's Experiences In China Brought Her A Level Of Sophistication Uncharacteristic Of Her Age. In Her Eyes China Has Many Different Aspects, Good And Bad, Which Are Like Pieces Of A Jigsaw Puzzle. Put Together, They Give Us A Good Look At China Through The Eyes Of A Young Chinese American.

children's Literature

elevenyearold Quian Gao Was Born In China, But Left The Country With Her Parents When She Was Five Years Old To Move To Texas Where Her Father Worked At A University. When She Was Eleven, Her Parents Decided It Was Time For A Trip Back To Their Homeland To Visit Friends And Family. This Travelogue Describes The Differences Quian Encounters As Part Of Her Westernized Background. The Book Describes The Population, Food, Attractions, And Culture Of Several Cities In China. She Tells About Her Feelings As She Experiences Culture Shock, And Then Finds Joy In Her Native Land. Quain Describes Her Feelings As She Meets Several Members Her Extended Family. This Diary Of Her Travels Illustrates The Cultural Differences Between The United States And China From The Eyes Of An Elevenyearold Girl. This Book Could Be Used With Young Students Who Are Studying About China, However, The Text Is A Bit Long And Drawn Out. 1996, Greatwall Books & Arts Inc, Ages 9 To 12, $12.95. Reviewer: Nicole Peterson

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  • China Books & Periodicals

  • 1996

  • English

  • 179 Pages

  • Paperback

  • 5.5 x 0.5 x 8.75 inches

  • 835125491

  • 9780835125499

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