Our B2B & Library Services

China Books is North America's largest wholesale and retail distributor of books and periodicals from and about China. We supply Chinese and English books, periodicals, and e-resources to academic and public libraries, schools, campus stores, and commercial bookstores.

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    We offer a wide range of products and solutions aimed at fulfilling the various needs of academic libraries.  Our services and expertise help libraries optimize their limited resource budgets, build rich collections specialized in their patrons’ research subjects, and streamline library operations for the expansion of library user services. 


    Public libraries located in large cities having a sizable Chinese community are expected to have a Chinese book collection. China Books arranges a tailormade selection of Chinese books as well as English books by utilizing up-to-date product and sales trend information, allowing public libraries to easily build unique collections that cater to their patrons within the limits of their book budget. 


    Chinese is one of the most popular foreign languages in colleges and universities. We supply Chinese language textbooks to campus bookstores at low cost with excellent customer service by taking advantage of the long-standing strong relationships we built with major textbook publishers, and a sales network covering both East and West coasts.


    There are many Chinese schools the USA. To help these schools provide the same curriculum as schools in China, we import Chinese educational materials that are used in elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools in China. In addition, we handle educational e-Resources for schools. We also distribute Chinese language textbooks for local and international schools that offer Chinese language classes.


    With extensive experience collaborating with numerous bookstores across the United States, we are committed to delivering top-notch services and competitive prices. Our longstanding partnerships testify to our dedication to maintaining long-term cooperation.