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Phil Amara, Oliver Chin, Juan Calle

The Discovery of Ramen: The Asian Hall of Fame

The Discovery of Ramen: The Asian Hall of Fame

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Enjoy the first English children’s picture book on how Japan’s ramen noodles were created! Amazingly illustrated, this storybook features a glossary of Japanese terms.

This is the first adventure in our series on cool inventions created in Asia. The cute red panda Dao makes history come alive by transporting the kids Emma and Ethan back in time. Together they learn how fantastic creations came to be and zip back to the future! This dynamic journey explores the invention of ramen.

This quest is like
Chef’s Table meets Back to the Future! The trio begins their trip in 1800’s Japan. They travel from the unpaved streets where pushcart vendors cooked to the growing capital of Tokyo. They witness the rise of instant ramen, Momofuku Ando’s Nissin cup of noodles, and now four star restaurants and celebrity chefs. Along the way, Dao and the kids visit ramen factories and museums and even zoom to outer space! Kids and educators will appreciate the story’s comprehensive scope and Japanese glossary.

Since nearly every city has a ramen restaurant, adults and kids will enjoy learning how their favorite noodles are made! Readers will discover how chefs use different broths and ingredients to boost the special flavor of umami (the savory fifth taste) to make delicious noodle soups.

Along the way, teachers and librarians will appreciate how students eagerly absorb Japanese food history, culinary culture, and key words. Fans of cooking shows and home cooks will delight in the dynamic artwork which render tasty dishes in mouthwatering color to the point where you can smell the aroma coming off the printed pages.

“Perhaps no dish says more about our hunger for Asian food today than ramen. This delightful tale shares the story of how this iconic noodle journeyed from China to worldwide acclaim as both comfort food and instant grub, beloved by bellies of all ages. Thanks for spreading awareness of Asian culture through its delicious cuisine!”
― Danielle Chang, Founder of Luckyrice ( and Creator of PBS TV series
Lucky Chow

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  • Immedium

  • 2017

  • English

  • 40 Pages

  • Hardcover

  • 10 x 0.25 x 10 inches

  • 1597021342

  • 9781597021340

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