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Authored By Mao Dun', 'Translated By Sidney Shapiro

Spring Silkworms

Spring Silkworms

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Mao Tun (矛盾)1896-1981, was one of the most outstanding exponents of revolutionary realism to appear in China since the New Literature Movement of 1919. His works have been translated into many foreign languages and have been adapted for film and television in China for decades. 

Spring Silkworms and Other Stories contains many of Mao Tun's best allegorical tales which tell of the absurdities facing China's early revolutionaries in their struggle to build a new China. Mercilessly flaying the sins of China's old society, Mao Tun suffers and strives with the oppressed and exploited and thunderously calls them to action. In the stirring days of early revolutionary China, Mao Tun, as an active participant in the struggle, knew every level and corner of Chinese society. Here, in this cross-section of his best short works, is a remarkable introduction to the awakening of the Chinese people.
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  • China Books

  • 2013

  • English

  • 256 Pages

  • Paperback

  • 835100510

  • 9780835100519

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