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It's My Book (level 2)

It's My Book (level 2)

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This book, the second level of It’s My Book - Guided Reading in Chinese series, is designed for immersion Chinese kindergarten school students. Each level consists of 30 stories, concluding six themes namely individual, family, school, social, animal and plant and nature.

The number of the words is controlled within 100 words for each story in this set of reading.

本书属于《这是我的书》系列的第2级,主要供沉浸式中文学校幼儿园学生使用。全书共6个主题(个人、家庭、学校、社交、动植物、自然),一共30册书,每册书一个故事。所有故事用字范围控制在100左右,同时,每个故事的总字数也控制在100左右。此级包括 拼音文本, 句子排序卡片, 关键词卡. 家长指南(中英文版)。

Book Titles:
1. Individuals 个人:
Learning from Dad 我学爸爸
Monkey Goes to the Doctor 小猴看医生
You Hug Me, I Hug You 你抱我,我也抱你
I Grew Up 我长大后
This is Not a Ball  这个不是球
2. Family 家庭:
Little Sister Wakes Up Early 妹妹早早起  
Blue, Yellow, But Not the Red Shirt 蓝的、黄的,不是小红衣
White, Green, But Not the Red Shirt 白的、绿的,不是小红衣
Little Sister Runs Out 妹妹跑出来了
Yangyang Goes To School 阳阳上学校
3. School 学校:
The Rabbit That Likes Saying "No" 喜欢说“不”的小兔
It's Not Polite to Say "No" All the Time  爱说“不”,这不好
The Rabbit Loves School 小兔喜欢上学校
Look! What is it? 看!这是什么?
The Rooster 大公鸡
4. Social Life 社交:
Five Dogs Going Outside 五只小狗门外走
My Name is "Tail Dog" 我叫“尾巴狗”
Not Going With Them 不和它一起走
The Big Black Wolf 大黑狼
We are Good Friends 都是好朋友
5. Flora and Fauna 动植物:
Green Leaves 小绿叶
A Red Flower 一朵小红花 
The Fish and the Apple 鱼和苹果
Little Wu Doesn't Cry 小五不哭了
Little Rain Children 小雨儿
6. Nature 自然:
The Seven-Colored Tail 七色尾巴
It's Raining 下雨了
The Sun Comes Out 太阳出来了
Blue, White and Black Pens 蓝笔、白笔和黑笔
Red, Green and Yellow Pens 红笔、绿笔和黄笔

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