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Bao Dongni, Wu Di, Chris Robyn

Iron Gate Hutong 铁门胡同 (English-Chinese Bilingual)

Iron Gate Hutong 铁门胡同 (English-Chinese Bilingual)

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Take a fantastic journey through China’s hutongs, or small alleys, which are at the heart of Beijing’s old neighborhoods and its most cherished childhood memories. Iron Gate Hutong is a cultural treasure which offers a glimpse into life in early Twentieth Century China as told through the eyes of a young girl. From daily trips outdoors to special festivals, the four seasons are wonderfully depicted in a series of colorful and evocative vignettes. This unique book, presented in bilingual English/Chinese format, presents a heartfelt ode to old Beijing, with author Bao Dongni’s captivatingly-moving story and Wu Di’s vibrant, painterly-style illustrations depicting the small miracles and subtle wonders of everyday life.

穿越百年时空到中国的胡同进行一次奇妙的旅程。这些胡同位于北京老城区的中心,留存着北京最珍贵的童年记忆。 《铁门胡同》这
本书是一块文化瑰宝,通过一位小女孩的见闻讲述二十世纪初中国的生活故事。 从日常户外活动到欢度佳节,一年的春夏秋冬,都被
这本书用一系列色彩缤纷、栩栩如生的插图完美地描绘出来。 这本珍贵的书以中英文双语出版,作家保冬妮用引人入胜的故事讲述,
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  • Long River Press

  • 2024

  • English, Chinese

  • 40 Pages

  • Paperback

  • 10.25 x 8 x 0.25 inches

  • 1592652638

  • 9781592652631

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