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Follow Me In Chinese - Dunhuang China 跟我学汉语-中国敦煌 (2 DVDs)

Follow Me In Chinese - Dunhuang China 跟我学汉语-中国敦煌 (2 DVDs)

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Dunhuang, one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China, is located in the west China. It is a bright pearl shining in the Silk Road in ancient times. The culture of Dunhuang developed prosperous during the Tang Dynasty about 1600 years ago, leaving behind many historic relics for us to visit. The cultural architectures and arts produced over the past long years are not seen in any other part of the world, for which, Dunhuang is entered the historical relics of UNESCO. This DVD captures the great details, tells some stories about Sensational Buddhist Classics, Paintings in the Desert, The Patter Resounding in Dunhuang and Dearms of Dunhuang. The DVD allows you to experience traditional Chinese culture in the same time to learn Chinese easily.



2 DVDs, 180 Minutes, Mandarin Chinese, with Chinese and English subtitles
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  • China Press

  • 2000

  • Chinese

  • DVD

  • 7885184625

  • 9787885184629

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