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Fan Jinshi

Daughter of Dunhuang: A Memoir of a Mogao Grottoes Researcher

Daughter of Dunhuang: A Memoir of a Mogao Grottoes Researcher

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“[A] figure renowned for her fierce spirit in defense of her beloved Mogao, Fan reveals the trials and travails she endured. Even today her spirit and enthusiasm are undimmed. Her essential characteristics shine through this highly readable translation.”

— From the Foreword by Dr. Neville Agnew

"This memoir deserves to be widely read by those interested in the moving story of a modest young girl in war- torn China who became an indomitable and celebrated achiever in the creation of modern China, and equally by those who want a fascinating master class in all the elements which go towards the successful protection and conservation of a great World Heritage cultural treasure."

—Sharon Sullivan AO is the former Executive Director of the Australian Heritage Commission and member of the World Heritage Committee.

Fan Jinshi, a distinguished archaeologist, has devoted her life to safeguarding and researching the Mogao Caves, an esteemed UNESCO Heritage site nestled in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, China, and considered one of the world’s greatest archaeological discoveries. Her significant contributions to the field of Dunhuang studies and her advocacy for the protection and promotion of the caves’ cultural legacy have earned global accolades. Her work has not only safeguarded the invaluable treasures of Dunhuang but has also facilitated international collaboration in the field of Dunhuang Studies. These contributions have been instrumental in preserving the cultural heritage of the Mogao Caves for future generations and in advancing our understanding of the art, history, and significance of this ancient site.

Daughter of Dunhuang: A Memoir of a Mogao Grottoes Researcher is her testament to a lifetime of dedication and passion. This memoir provides insights into her journey, spanning over five decades, as a young child to a pioneering researcher and conservationist. It offers readers a glimpse into the personal and professional aspects of her life, as well as the broader significance of Dunhuang studies and heritage conservation.

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  • Long River Press

  • 2024

  • English

  • 484 pages

  • Paperback

  • 6 x 1.27 x 9 inches

  • 159265259X

  • 9781592652594

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