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围棋天地 (Weiqi Tiandi / The World of Weiqi) - Magazine

围棋天地 (Weiqi Tiandi / The World of Weiqi) - Magazine

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The World of Weiqi (Chinese: 围棋天地; pinyin: Wéiqí Tiāndì; lit. The World of Weiqi) is a bimonthly magazine with Chinese Go content. It is one of the largest circulation of Go magazines in China.

The World of Weiqi is the most authoritative and influential professional periodical on Weiqi in China and also the most widely circulated Weiqi magazine in the world, with millions of readers in urban and rural areas of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, as well as all over the world. Over the past 20 years, Weiqi Tiandi has always been committed to inheriting the culture of Chinese Weiqi, reporting on the latest developments in the world's Weiqi and serving the vast number of fans of the game. Entering the 21st century, Weiqi Tiandi is determined to reform and innovate, constantly improve its quality, and become an indispensable spiritual food for Go fans.
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  • 10028706

  • Bimonthly

  • Chinese

  • China Sports Baoye General Office

  • January 1985

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