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幼儿画报 (YOU ER HUABAO / Children's Pictorial) - Magazine

幼儿画报 (YOU ER HUABAO / Children's Pictorial) - Magazine

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Children's Pictorial is published by China Children and Teenagers News Publishing House. It is well loved and recognized by readers and is a good friend of young children and a good assistant to teachers and parents.

With the guidance of the Outline of Kindergarten Education Guidance issued by the Ministry of Education, Kindergarten Pictorial has set up a high sense of responsibility and created columns and contents suitable for the physical and mental development of young children in China, such as: "Self-protection Story of the Red Kangaroo" "Good Habits Story" "Baby Singing Idioms Story "Baby Singing Idioms Stories" "Olympic Castle Wanderings" and other columns. Each story is guided by famous experts in early childhood education.

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  • 10030220

  • 3 issues/Month

  • Chinese

  • 中国少年儿童新闻出版总社

  • 1982

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