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瞭望 (LIAOWANG/ Outlook weekly) - Magazine

瞭望 (LIAOWANG/ Outlook weekly) - Magazine

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Lookout Weekly(Chinese: 瞭望/瞭望新闻周刊; pinyin: liàowàng; lit. Lookout WeeklyOutlook Weekly) is the earliest news weekly in China, which was founded in 1981 with the approval of Deng Xiaoping.

Lookout Weekly has been closely aligned with the high-level decision-making of the central government, analyzing major current affairs in-depth and playing the role of a "think tank"  with its authoritative reports that are hard to replace and imitate, becoming a mainstream newsweekly that is deeply cared for and supported by the central government, and a must-read publication trusted by high-level executives of various industries and other high-end people. It has become a mainstream weekly news magazine deeply concerned and supported by the central government. It is a must-read publication trusted by executives and other high-end professionals. It has consistently ranked first in the circulation of current affairs news weekly in China.


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  • 10025723

  • Weekly

  • Chinese

  • China Sports Baoye General Office

  • January 1981

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