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Dong, Paul

China's Major Mysteries

China's Major Mysteries

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One of the most fascinating books ever published on the phenomenon of UFOs and the unexplained in China. Author Paul Dong, an expert on paranormal research, investigates the major sources of these incredibly mysteries in China, namely, UFOs, psychic powers including remove viewing, "X-Ray" vision, ESP, and human computers; Qigong including incredible martial arts skills, levitation, mind over matter; and the Wildman, or China's Bigfoot. Many sightings have been recorded throughout history, but it has never been captured alive.

There is quite simply no other book like China's Major Mysteries on the market. Originally published in 1984 as "The Four Major Mysteries of Mainland China", the China Books edition was revised in 2000 by the author.

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  • China Books and Periodicals

  • 2007

  • English

  • 240 Pages

  • Paperback

  • 6 x 0.55 x 9.21 inches

  • 835126765

  • 9780835126762

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