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Ye Shangtao and others

Best Chinese Stories: The 1930s

Best Chinese Stories: The 1930s

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Chinese writers and their work from the 1930s occupy a vibrant and beloved niche in the modern Chinese literary canon. They portray a period of national crisis and social upheaval. China in the thirties was a country resisting foreign aggression, where man writers dedicated their lives and works to patriotic and progressive causes. The strengths and struggles of China are captured by such notable literary figures as Ye Shengtao, Xu Dishan, Ai Wu, Rou Shi, Wu Zuxiang and Sha Ding among many others. The thirty-eight stories published in this collection describe a China in transformation at all levels of society: from the ordinary cares of urban and rural life to the looming specter of war and the fomenting of revolution which would come to change China like no event in its modern history. This vivid insight into a divergent literary style perfectly captures the political and ideological trends of the period.
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  • China Books

  • 2014

  • English

  • 612 Pages

  • Paperback

  • 835100731

  • 9780835100731

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