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General Surasit Thanadtang (Ret.)

A Shared Future: ASEAN-China Cooperation for Global Prosperity [Thai Edition]

A Shared Future: ASEAN-China Cooperation for Global Prosperity [Thai Edition]

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From the perspective of Thai experts and their collaborative endeavors with China, this book offers a comprehensive exploration of China's 'Belt and Road Initiative' and the concept of a unified global community. It intricately details the 'Belt and Road Initiative's' role in fostering a cohesive China-ASEAN community with a shared future. Additionally, it meticulously examines its substantial influence on the Indo-Pacific region, emphasizing the transformative potential of a unified global community in driving profound socio-economic developments within the ASEAN region.

Gen. Surasit Thanadtang, born on January 27, 1958, in Yasothon, Thailand, is a Thai Army General, President of the National Defense University of Thailand, and Director of the Thailand-China Strategic Research Center. His research primarily focuses on political science, strategy, and the national development strategies of China and Thailand. He has long been responsible for military exchanges between China and Thailand and strategic alignment policy communication between the two governments in the Thai military and think tanks.​

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  • China Books

  • 2023

  • Thai

  • 9780835102551

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