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中老年保健杂志 (Health for the Elderly and Middle-Aged) Chinese - Magazine

中老年保健杂志 (Health for the Elderly and Middle-Aged) Chinese - Magazine

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Trusted Guidance for Health for the Elderly and Middle-Aged

Established in 1986 with official approval, "Health for the Elderly and Middle-Aged" magazine has become a trusted resource for maintaining well-being throughout life.

Published monthly under the supervision of the National Health and Wellness Commission and sponsored by the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, the magazine boasts a wide readership both domestically and internationally. Its reputation is built on:

Novelty and Relevance: The magazine tackles current health topics relevant to middle-aged and elderly readers.
Information Depth: Each issue provides a wealth of content, ensuring readers stay informed on the latest healthcare advancements.
Timely Insights: Articles offer fresh perspectives and practical advice to promote healthy aging.
Highly Respected Contributors:

The magazine's editorial team comprises renowned medical experts from China and abroad, along with experienced physicians and scholars. This ensures the content is:

Scientifically Sound: Articles are grounded in reliable medical research for accurate and trustworthy information.
Authoritative and Engaging: The writing style is both informative and engaging, presented in a clear and accessible manner.
Practical and Actionable: Readers gain practical guidance and strategies for maintaining their health and well-being.
Blending knowledge with practicality "Health for the Elderly and Middle-Aged" empowers readers to navigate the journey of healthy aging with confidence.





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  • Monthly

  • Chinese

  • 中日友好医院

  • 1986

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