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幼儿园(中英文) Kindergarten (Chinese& English) - Magazine

幼儿园(中英文) Kindergarten (Chinese& English) - Magazine

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Spark Curiosity and Nurture Growth: Kindergarten Magazine

Kindergarten, China's first professional early childhood periodical, is dedicated to fostering well-rounded development in children aged 3-6. This vibrant magazine caters to a triple audience: curious young minds, their supportive parents, and dedicated early childhood educators.

Cultivating a Lifelong Love of Learning:

Kindergarten champions the latest advancements in early childhood education. Through engaging stories and playful activities, the magazine:

Sparks a love for reading: The "Story Issue" introduces children to the joy of literature, igniting their imaginations and fostering early literacy skills.
Develops Multiple Intelligences: The "Game Issue" is packed with stimulating activities that nurture a wide range of cognitive abilities, from problem-solving to creativity.
Promotes Emotional Well-being: Kindergarten recognizes the importance of emotional development. The magazine fosters healthy emotional growth by providing guidance and support for both children and caregivers.
A Trusted Partner in Early Learning:

Kindergarten has earned a reputation as a valuable resource for parents and educators alike. With its engaging content and expert guidance, the magazine empowers adults to become effective partners in their children's learning journey.

Published bi-monthly, Kindergarten offers a consistent source of inspiration and practical tools for nurturing the healthy intellectual and emotional growth of young children.


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  • 1004-1400

  • Biomonthly

  • Chinese& English

  • 明天出版社/Tomorrow Publishing House

  • 1979

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