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Founded in San Francisco in 2010, Sinomedia International Group Inc. is the North America's largest publisher, distributor and importer of books and periodicals from and about China. As the general agent of CICG in North America, Sinomedia utilizes worldwide distribution network, multimedia, library service and copyright agent, and an ever-increasing list of books and products specializing in promoting Chinese Culture and folk exchange.

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  • Karen Ma

    In her latest work, published in June 2022, she delves into Chinese cinema and society since 2000 through "China’s Millennial Digital Generation: Conversations with Balinghou Indie Filmmaker." Additionally, she authored "Excess Baggage," a semi-autobiographical novel published in 2013 by China Books, drawing inspiration from her family's life as Chinese immigrants in 1990s Tokyo after the economic bubble.

  • Xue Mo

    Xue Mo, the pen-name of Chen Kaihong, was born in Liangzhou, Gansu province. A renowned cultural scholar and author, his writing is deeply influenced by his native roots in western China, and combines hallucinatory realism with the depiction of the reality of rural life in China.

  • Nona Mock Wyman

    Abandoned at the Ming Quong orphanage at just two years old in 1935, Nona Mock Wyman transformed her early heartbreak into resilience. In her book "Bamboo Women," she shares the empowering narratives of twenty-one women who, like her, grew up at Ming Quong, revealing the enduring strength of their sisterhood through life's challenges.


    Founded in 1960, China Books & Periodicals Inc. had been the oldest and biggest company dealing in Chinese books, magazines and artworks in the United States from 1960s to 1980s. It is a publisher of Chinese literature, arts and language books, and also the general agent of all publications from China in the United States.

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    Founded in 2002, Long River Press Inc. is jointly founded by Cypress Book (US) Company Inc. and Hong Kong-based Sino United Publishing Ltd. The company is a publisher of Chinese philosophy, history, economy and other contemporary topics.

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    Founded in New Jersey in 1985, Cypress Book (US) Company Inc., now headquartered in San Francisco, is the largest Chinese publication trade company in North America. As the general agent of the CIBTC in North America, Cypress Book exports books and magazines to China. It is also the largest importer of Chinese publications in the U.S. and sells Chinese calligraphy and painting works, traditional arts and crafts. 

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