Chinese Magazine Subscription Policy

Updated in August 2023

  1. Price and Payment:

All subscriptions must be prepaid in full at the time of purchase. We will not charge or refund additional fees caused by currency exchange rate fluctuations during the subscription period.

  1. Delivery:

Customer has the option to choose from 3 delivery methods:

  • Air Transport: Magazines will be transported by air. Please note that air transport may involve a higher cost and faster delivery times. The specific pricing for air transport can be viewed and requested on our website.
  • SAL (Surface Air Lifted) Transport: SAL is a hybrid shipping option that combines both surface and air transport to provide an affordable and reliable delivery solution. This method ensures that your magazines are delivered efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Sea Transport: Magazines can also be transported by sea. Sea transport may be a more cost-effective option, but it may require a longer delivery time. The pricing for sea transport is available on our website, allowing you to make an informed choice based on your preferences and needs.

Please select your preferred delivery method during the subscription process, and any associated price differences will be clearly outlined for your convenience.

Shipping is directly from China to your provided address.

  1. Total 'Issue Quantity':

The total 'issue quantity' in your subscription will be determined based on the publication format and the length of your subscription term. Combined issues (volumes) will be counted as one (1) issue, and any separate volumes/issues or special editions will not be included in the subscription.





366 issues

731 issues


50 issues

100 issues


24 issues

48 issues


12 issues

24 issues


6 issues

12 issues


4 issues

8 issues

  1. Renewal:

We do not process subscription renewals automatically.

Please renew your subscription at least 3 months ahead to avoid interruptions in accessing our publications from China. Back issues for most magazines and journals on subscription are unavailable, so maintaining your subscription is important. For English language magazines, back issues can be purchased at the per-copy price, plus postage and handling.

Contact our customer service for any assistance you need: tel: 1(800)818-2017

  1. Content Restrictions:

We reserve the right to refuse service, decline, or terminate subscriptions to magazines that contain pornography, child pornography, and/or have gifts attached that may violate U.S. regulations or incur legal obstacles.

  1. Delays, Damages, and Missing Issues:

We cannot be held responsible for delays caused by customs inspections, inclement weather conditions, or other environmental factors.

Claims for missing or damaged issues must be made within three months from the publication date to be eligible for a free replacement copy or other forms of compensation.

  1. Cancellation and Refund:

Cancellations are generally not accepted for magazine subscriptions. However, we may consider cancellations in unavoidable circumstances, such as unexpected international relocations or if a publisher discontinues a magazine or terminates its business. In such cases, we will provide a refund of credit memo for the remaining issues, calculated based on the total subscription fee minus the regular price of any issues already delivered.

  1. Change of Address:

If you have recently moved and require a change of address, kindly inform us immediately. Please note that we cannot provide missing issues if we are not notified promptly. The address change process typically takes about six weeks to complete. In the meantime, we recommend informing your local post office of the address change and requesting mail forwarding. Please be aware that subscription rates may be subject to change at any time during the year without prior notice.