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  • We are hiring! Publishing Marketing/Editorial Assistant
    We are hiring! Publishing Marketing/Editorial Assistant
    Sinomedia International Group is a media enterprise that strives to provide high-quality cross-cultural news, publications, entertainment and networking opportunities related to China. We regard ourselves as a bridge and information platform between...
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  • The legendary Soong Sisters of China
    The legendary Soong Sisters of China
    By Carrie Gracie BBC News, Shanghai There will be no women at the helm of China’s Communist Party when the leadership is reshuffled next month, but there are many more opportunities for...
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  • Word of the Week
    Word of the Week
    1. Adj       1      (善 良)   kind 2      (良 好)   good   善 事      good deeds   3      (友 好)   friendly    2. Verb       1      (办 好)   sort … out   善 后      deal with the aftermath   2      (擅 长)   be an expert at 3      (容 易)   be prone to  ...
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