Into the Vault: Patti Gully at the South China International Literary Festival

Every once in a while we’ll come across some old pictures or event info that got lost when we transitioned to our new site at the beginning of last year. For those interested, we recently rediscovered a link to a bunch of pictures from the South China International Literary Festival last year, where Long River Press author Patti Gully was celebrated for her book Sisters of Heaven: China’s Barnstorming Aviatrixes: Modernity, Feminism, and Popular Imagination in Asia and the West. A number of other authors were also featured, including Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan.

With an uncanny eye for detail and technical accuracy, Sisters of Heaven offers a rare look at a lost era in aviation history, gender studies, and the history of China and the West. The book charts the true story of Hilda Yan, Li Xiaqing and Li Dandan as they defied gender perceptions by becoming pilots, completing barnstorming goodwill missions across the Western Hemisphere, and capturing the imagination of all those whose lives they touched.

You can find Patti’s site here and we encourage you to check out her book page on the China Books website  as well.


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