List of Textbooks

How Do I know which textbook to purchase?

Here are a list of our most popular textbook series. If you have any questions about the books or would like to order sample copies for your teacher or school administrator feel free to get in touch with Robert at 650-872-7076.

List of Textbooks*


Chinese Made Easy for Kids
Chinese Made Easy for Kids (traditional)
Chinese Paradise
East Steps to Chinese for Kids
Fun Chinese for Kids
Kuaile Hanyu
Standard Chinese

High School

Chinese Made Easy
Go China
Harvest Intermediate Chinese
Learn Chinese with Me


Contemporary Chinese Series
Conversational Chinese 301
Boya Chinese
Developing Chinese
Easy Steps to Chinese
Great Wall Chinese
Integrated Chinese
New Concept Chinese
New Practical Chinese Reader

For Spanish Speakers

El Nuevo Libro de Chino Práctico

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*All textbooks in simplified characters unless otherwise noted.


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