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If this is your first time ordering from China books you can get in contact with our Business Manager Kelly. Kelly can provide you with a quote, help you set up an account, explain the various discounts and answer any additional questions about our policies. Kelly will also help you place your first order.

Kelly’s Contact Information

Phone: 650-872-7076 ext.310
Fax: 650-872-7808

If you have an account with China Books and would like to place another order please contact our Sales Associate Scott. Orders can be placed over the phone, via email or through fax.

Scott’s Contact Information

Phone: 650-872-7076 ext. 317
Fax: 650-872-7808

If you are unsure what textbooks you should be using, would like some advice or want to order exam copies, you can contact our Marketing Assistant Robert. He will be more than happy to suggest curriculum materials and send you sample copies.

Robert’s Contact Information

Phone: 650-872-7076 ext.316
Fax: 650-872-7808

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