The Republican China Collection at China Books

The Republican China Collection at China Books

The Hao Hao Report published an excellent article today about what is considered by many to be the greatest piece of Chinese fiction written during the Republican Period (1911-1949), Qian Zhongshu’s Fortress Besieged. The article, entitled “The Walls of Fortress Besieged” and written by Carlos Ottery has this to say about Qian’s work:

A scathing satire, a comedy of manners, and even a love story, both of its time and ahead of its time, the book somehow feels Chinese and foreign at the same time, and therein lies the power of Qian’s prose. The novel constantly mocks middle-class snobbery (the type found the world over), and deftly makes subtle digs about identity, women, marriage, and education, so even when the book ends on a slightly melancholy note, the reader feels gratified and enthralled.

At China Books we carry a student version of Fortress Besieged, complete with Pinyin, explanations of the more complicated grammar and an MP3 file so you can listen to the writing too. Although we don’t have the original currently in stock, we can get a copy from China and ship it to you anytime.

We also have works by Republican era luminaries Lu Xun and Lao She. We carry Selected Stories of Lu Xun that contain short works like “A Madmen’s Diary” and “Kongyi Ji,” as well as Lu Xun Selected Poems. Both are bilingual versions. The Selected Stories translation was performed by Yang Xiangyi and Gladys Yang and the Selected Poems by W.J.F. Jenner.  As for our Lao She titles, you can check out our previous blog entry here.

And remember, if you’re looking for other titles in Chinese, we’ll get them from China at no additional cost to you.

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