Reminder: Deadline for Chinese Idiom Contest is Jan. 30th

Reminder: Deadline for Chinese Idiom Contest is Jan. 30th

Last week we announced our Chinese idiom contest through our mailing list. If you haven’t submitted your answers there’s still time to win a 20% off coupon! The rules are as follows:

Name the following idioms based on the hints given below. All idioms have the word horse in them.

  1. be combat-ready, (feed the horses and sharpen the weapons) make active preparations for war

  2. give a hurried and cursory glance at, cast only a passing glance at

  3. an unrestrained and vigorous style of imagination (that brims with talent)

  4. a blessing in disguise, a loss may turn out to be a gain

  5. Incessant [endless] stream of horses and carriages — heavy traffic (on the street)

You can email your answers back to Three winners will be randomly selected from the pool of correct entries and mailed a 20% off store coupon. The winners will be announced on Chinese New Year. The submission deadline is January 30th.

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