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Yu', 'F. Lit

The Legend Of Snow Wolf: Book Two (Redemption)

The Legend Of Snow Wolf: Book Two (Redemption)

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"[F. Lit Yu] is set to turn Wuxia into a household word by introducing English-speaking fans to this traditional genre's intrigue, romance, wandering warriors and amazing martial artists."—Kung Fu Magazine

An epic tale of betrayal, revenge, violence, love, and intricate strategies set amidst the magnificent background of legendary China and Mongolia. The Legend of Snow Wolf is to martial arts what Harry Potter is to wizards!

Book Two: Redemption continues the action immediately following Book One: Reincarnation, with the young alchemist Li Kung, who now finds himself as Snow Wolf's chosen warrior, forged by her hand in a plot carefully formed decades ago to assume the burden of destroying the Dragon Houses. The great warrior Suthachai, with Fei Fei, makes plans to leave for Mongolia, but is intercepted by her father's elite warriors. Li Kung, armed with Snow Wolf's ancient strategies, incites lethal violence between the two Dragon Houses, pushing them to the brink of full-scale war. Suthachai returns from Mongolia alive and well, not to save Li Kung's life, but to save his soul. Together, they work to reverse Snow Wolf's complex plot of revenge and turn the cycle of war into one of peace.

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  • China Books

  • 1976

  • English

  • 280 Pages

  • Paperback

  • 835100081

  • 9780835100083

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