Long River Press to publish China: The Big Lie?, “the Freakonomics for China Watchers”

Long River Press to publish China: The Big Lie?, “the Freakonomics for China Watchers”

SAN FRANCISCO – Tuesday, February 18th, 2014. Long River Press, an imprint of Sinomedia International Group, will publish China: The Big Lie? by Mario Cavolo in Spring 2014.

For more than a decade a small but increasingly vocal minority of pundits and economists have been predicting Chinese economic collapse. Making sense of these prognostications, however, can be difficult. The general public must balance these stories of impending economic failure with one simple fact — despite all the pessimism, China’s economy is still as strong as ever.

Author Mario Cavolo’s unrelenting scrutiny of reality versus myth cuts through this confusing clutter, and at the same time reveals an unspoken truth and game-changing revelation about the Chinese economy. Normal middle and lower class Chinese are far wealthier than anyone publicly acknowledges and their wealth hides between 6 to 10 trillion dollars of off the books shadow cash!

Cavolo carefully shows how this “big lie” money manifests itself in everyday life. He not only makes a convincing case for the existence of this incredible wealth, but also highlights the health of the Chinese economy and the strength of its middle class. Touching on the real estate market, e-commerce, traditional culture and more, Cavolo dazzles with his ability to weave these disparate threads into a convincing narrative.

Nicholas MacDonald, Editorial Director of iTV-Asia writes, “Cavolo has written the Freakonomics for China watchers. What Dubner and Levitt did for our assumptions about how America and the global economy work, he does for China, upending all of our notions of how things are by combining shrewd observation, cultural insight, and basic microeconomics to blow apart finance column clichés about China’s rise. A must read for anyone perplexed about how this complicated and frustrating country keeps going–and keeps foiling its critics.”

Mario Cavolo is a China communications expert. Based in Shanghai and fluent in Mandarin, he has worked for a number of businesses including eBay, GE Healthcare and Dow Chemical, in addition to appearing on Bloomberg Television. In 2013 Mario published Catalysts to Change, an accessible investigation into finding business success and the cultural relationships essential to understanding China.  China: The Big Lie? is his second book.

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