How to Draw the Chinese Lion Dance

How to Draw the Chinese Lion Dance

Chinese New Year is fast approaching so we thought you might be interested in a cool little book a friend of ours in Surabaya, Indonesia just published about the Lion Dance.

The Lion Dance is a Chinese new year tradition in which two performers dance, mimicking the movements of a lion in a colorful costume. Author Bambang Edison Soekanto has been making lion costumes, teaching the lion dance and performing at festivals for many years.


Bambang Edison Soekanto with one of his creations

Wanting to share his passion for this Chinese cultural tradition with as many people as possible, he recently published an e-book teaching students how to draw these colorful costumes. Bambang’s book uses an easy to follow framework with lots of in-progress examples to teach the reader about the basic forms of the lion. Bambang also demonstrates what these lions look like from different angles, teaching young artists about perspective too.

Below are some videos Bambang uploaded showing what his book will teach you.

You can buy his book, available on the Kindle platform, here.

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