24 differences between East and West

We came across the very cool series of infographics shown below on boredpanda.com a couple days ago.  It’s an old post, but very thought provoking nonetheless. The posters were designed by German artist Yang Liu as a means to convey the differences between German and Chinese people, although the comparison works for Americans and Chinese too. You can check out her website here.

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Expressing opinion

 photo 1_zps530f61d3.jpg

Lifestyle: independent vs. dependent

 photo 2_zpsd582109b.jpg

Attitude towards punctuality

 photo 3_zpsf89ab8fb.jpg

The boss

 photo 4_zps741100c2.jpg

Contacts and connections

 photo 5_zpsf2025d06.jpg

Expressing feelings

 photo 6_zpsb8900c78.jpg

Standing in a line

 photo 7_zps310b6816.jpg

Self perception

 photo 8_zpse421ba5e.jpg

Sundays on the streets

 photo 8_zpse421ba5e.jpg

At a party

 photo 10_zps64123c5f.jpg

Noise level at the restaurant

 photo 11_zps2e054239.jpg

Cure for stomach ache

 photo 12_zps4c71cdc1.jpg


 photo 13_zpsf29f7390.jpg

Ideal of beauty

 photo 14_zps0b7f4c15.jpg

Children in the family

 photo 15_zpsa317fef0.jpg


 photo 16_zps476a5768.jpg

Dealing with problems

 photo 17_zps4438167b.jpg

Three meals a day

 photo 18_zps2892219d.jpg

Means of transportation

 photo 19_zps1e566f2f.jpg
Everyday life of elderly
 photo 20_zps5a3f94cd.jpg

Shower time

 photo 21_zps27b41b7f.jpg

What’s trending

 photo 22_zpsa77a3ec4.jpg

Mood and weather

 photo 23_zps30668394.jpg

Cultural perceptions: Germans vs. Chinese

 photo 24_zps621ad318.jpg

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