Chinese Textbook Series: Integrated Chinese

This is the second post in a series intended for individual learners, teachers and school buyers looking for more information on Chinese language textbooks. For information on other textbooks carried by China books you can visit our complete list here. We also welcome you to get in contact with our sales staff should you have further questions about which book is right for you.


Integrated Chinese is compiled, edited and published by Cheng & Tsui, a long-time publisher of Chinese language learning materials located in Boston, Massachusetts. Along with the New Practical Chinese Reader series, Integrated Chinese is considered one of the leading introductory Chinese textbooks at the college and university levels.

Series Description

Integrated Chinese is available in both simplified and traditional character forms. The series consist of two levels, each split into two parts. It is recommended that each part be used for one semester at the college level or one year at the high school level. Each part consists of a textbook, workbook, character workbook, and audio CD’s and Flashcards.

A Look Inside the Book

 photo photo42_zpsf542fccb.jpg photo photo3_zps657e2608.jpg

 photo photo22_zps13b6a213.jpg photo photo12_zpsca34aed8.jpg

Other Information You Should Know

As mentioned about, Integrated Chinese is designed for two years of study at the college level. That means if your Chinese program goes any further than that you need to be thinking about what other textbooks your intermediate and advanced students will use. You can check out a list of all the textbooks we provide here.

For Language Teachers

Please see our list of reasons to buy from China Books here. They include sample copies, desk copies, free activities and more!


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