Chinese Textbook Series: Chinese Made Easy For Kids

This is the third post in a series intended for individual learners, teachers and school buyers looking for more information on Chinese language textbooks. For information on other textbooks carried by China books you can visit our complete list here. We also welcome you to get in contact with our sales staff should you have further questions about which book is right for you.


Chinese Made Easy for Kids is the most popular textbook for primary school students learning Chinese as total beginners. The book is published by Hong Kong publisher Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co., Ltd.. Originally a mainland business before the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the Hong Kong store transitioned to publishing its own materials in the 1970s. At first these were mainly books about Chinese art, culture and literature. In recent years Joint Publishing has also begun publishing language materials. Their website (in Chinese) can be found here.

Series Description

The Chinese Made Easy for Kids series is comprised of four levels. Each level consists of one textbook with an accompanying CD and one workbook. Upon completing the series, students will have learned how to write from memory 100 simple characters and recognize over 500 characters. This series also helps develop young learners’ listening and speaking skills. It is available in traditional and simplified characters.

Chinese Made Easy for Kids focuses on:

-Basic knowledge of Pinyin
-Basic knowledge of strokes and stroke order for characters
-Listening and speaking skills
-Creating a lively and free learning atmosphere through use of rhymes, pictures and story-telling
-Up to date topics relevant to primary school students

A Look Inside the Book

 photo photo1_zps2b9db7c2.jpg photo photo4_zpsebb02d88.jpg

Other Information You Should Know

Chinese Made Easy for Kids is designed as a foundational course for the Chinese Made Easy Series. As a result these books are especially useful for Chinese programs that feed into Chinese classes at the middle school level. We’ll have a blog post on those books soon.

For Language Teachers

Please see our list of reasons to buy from China Books here. They include sample copies, desk copies, free activities and more!

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