Chinese Graphic Novels or “Lianhuanhua”

Chinese Graphic Novels or “Lianhuanhua”

Slate history writer Rebecca Onion wrote a very cool article yesterday on a Chinese version of All Quiet on the Western Front. This particular take on this Western classic tells the story in Lianhuanhua form, a serialized graphic novel that separates text from picture.


Released in 1930 just a year after publication of the original book, this Lianhuanhua actually follows the events of the American movie. Onion writes that as in many other countries, the Chinese KMT government attempted to ban the movie, fearing that it might undermine their efforts against invading Japanese forces.


If you want to check out more Lianhuanhua, you need look no further than The Hamilton Library Asia Collection at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where the images above are housed.  The collection has hundreds of other Lianhuanhua, including a very interesting cover of The True Story of Ah Q (We sell a collection of Lu Xun’s short stories, including The True Story of Ah Q here) and a ton of Communist era stuff too. You can browse and search the catalog.


China Books also distribute a series of modern Chinese graphic novels. You can check out our collection of those here.

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