Why China?, the story of one woman’s quest to understand the Middle Kingdom, to be published by China Books

SAN FRANCISCO – Wednesday, March 5th, 2014. China Books, an imprint of Sinomedia International Group, will publish Why China? by Debra Lane Wright in Spring 2014.

Who knew a single trip could change a life forever? Debra Lane Wright was a successful international executive based in the US when she took her first business trip to China. Challenged by this new and vastly complicated country, Debra decided to return and prove she could accomplish the seemingly impossible!

In Why China? author Debra Lane Wright paints an intimate portrait of people, society and business culture. At first a complete novice on all things China, she soon becomes an expert on its culture, people and mysterious ways. Peiliang Yuan of Best Buy writes, “I have read several books by American authors traveling to China but nothing as exceptional as Why China?. It is a must read for companies or people wanting to visit or do business with China. This is a shortcut to bridging cultural and language barriers between East and West!”

“In Why China? Debra Lane Wright shows the enduring kindness and hospitality of the Chinese people. She dispels many inaccurate and often cruel misconceptions about China. This is a must-read for anyone interested in knowing the REAL China,” says Barron Weyerhaeuser.

Debra draws on her own intimate and everyday interactions with Chinese to provide the reader authentic insight into serious topics like innovation, education and business communication, while also sharing amusing stories of her various adventures. The result? A fundamentally human story as compassionate as it is insightful.

Debra Lane Wright was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. After graduating from Indiana University, she traveled extensively while working in corporate sales and marketing for several Fortune 100 firms. In 2005, Debra moved to China and became the first foreign executive for a Chinese state-owned enterprise. She has given speeches to Chinese and foreign professionals, as well as universities. This is her first book.

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