5 Books you should be reading this summer

Have summer plans and are looking for something to read? We’ve got you covered.

1. What you should be reading on the plane to China…

If you’re headed to China to travel, study Mandarin or visit a friend and haven’t had time to do your pre-trip research, A Practical Guide to My China is your go-to resource for information on everything from eating the best food and getting around to staying safe and having fun. If you’re on Twitter you can follow the China Books account (https://twitter.com/chinabooks) and the #MyChinaTravelTips hashtag for tidbits of advice from the author John Sun.

Practical Guide to My China Front Cover Only

2. What you should be reading at the beach…

One day there might be a Chinese saying that means something to the effect of “Always bring a good novel when you visit the beach.” For now though, you will just have to trust us that Karen Ma’s Excess Baggage is exactly the sort of summer reading material you should be reading by the sea.

A transnational novel in the style of Amy Tan, Lisa See, and Gail Tsukiyama, the book chronicles the lives of two Chinese sisters, one raised in China during the desolate Cultural Revolution, the other in Japan during the freewheeling years of bubble capitalism. They reunite as adults in Tokyo in the early 1990s. As the sisters circle warily, their distrust grows, fueled by family lies and secrets. Ultimately, each confronts the fundamental question: what’s the meaning of home when your roots aren’t secure?

You can also listen to this fantastic interview with the author Karen Ma on the Sinica Podcast.


3. What you should be reading at summer camp…

While scary stories are a staple of summer camp experiences, too many tales have gotten too stale to really scare anyone. China Books, however, wants to make sure your kid not only has the competitive edge in Chinese classrooms, but also around summer campfires.

Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio is a fantastic collection of Chinese supernatural tales and ghost stories. While the book is in Chinese, the manga style artwork and simple dialogue make it suitable for beginner students looking to read their first book. Oh yeah, and the stories are absolutely terrifying.

4. What you should be reading in the car…

We understand trying to read the Analects in the car might not be the most entertaining family trip activity. Our book of Chinese crosswords however is fun, aids Chinese comprehension and is something that everyone can participate in!

4 characters across; A friend from China

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5. What you should be reading if you’re stuck at home…

So you didn’t get to go to China or the beach? Not even summer campy? We’re so sorry! Lucking we have a China Books classic to spice up your interminably boring summer days. Snow Wolf: Reincarnation is a fast paced, sweeping work of epic fiction in the Chinese Wuxia (martial arts) tradition. Warriors, battles, supernatural powers, prophecy, and destiny collide in a whirlwind of action and romance as wolves and men fight for domination on the Chinese/Mongolian boarder. Oh yeah, and there’s a second book in the series too.

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