20 Scholarships for Chinese Language Learners

While it’s become easier in recent years to study Chinese in the US, the best thing you can do for your Chinese is still to go and study in China. Yesterday we came across an excellent list of scholarship opportunities at Project Pengyou and wanted to pass it along. Check out a couple of our favorites excerpted from their website below.

Chinese Government Scholarships
Award Amount: Full program tuition, room and board, medical expenses, monthly living stipend
April 2013

Chinese government scholarships provide an opportunity for students to pursue an undergraduate degree, graduate degree or language acquisition at a Chinese university. These scholarships are merit-based and include tuition, housing and even a monthly living stipend. Programs usually last two or more years, although you do not need to participate in a degree-granting program. The Chinese Scholarship Council oversees many Chinese government scholarships.”


Confucius Institute (Hanban) Scholarships
Award Amount:
 Full program tuition, room and board, basic health insurance, monthly living stipend
Deadline: VariesThe ”Confucius Institute Scholarship” program seeks to promote Chinese language and culture and cultivate qualified Chinese language teachers. This program provides financial aid for students, scholars and Chinese language teachers worldwide to get a master’s degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages in Chinese universities. This program is also geared toward students interested in majors like Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History and Chinese Philosophy.”

You can check out the rest of the (very well done) list here.

Project Pengyou collects and connects alumni from America’s study abroad programs with the aim to strengthen US-China relations.

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