Upcoming Books and a Reminder to Subscribe to our Newsletter

Upcoming Books and Newsletter Reminder

Today we wanted to highlight two upcoming books to be published under our China Books and Long River Press imprints.

Why China Cover Blue
Why China? by Debra Lane Wright – To Be Published in 2014

The first book is Why China?. Why China? documents the journey of Debra Lane Wright, a successful international executive who decided to drop everything and move to China. It documents Debra’s  transformation into an individual capable of navigating the complex cultural divide between East and West, while also providing valuable insights into China, its people and their culture.

Big Lie Cover
China: Big Lie by Mario Cavolo – To Be Published in 2014

The second book is China: The Big Lie?, in which author Mario Cavolo thoroughly researches the astounding fact that millions of normal, middle and lower-class Chinese are far wealthier than previously acknowledged, hiding between 6 to 10 trillion dollars of shadow cash. Cavolo provides the reader an on-the-ground look at the relationship between this secret wealth and the rest of Chinese society. His analysis delves into topics as varied as the real estate market, online retail and the traditional Chinese family.

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