The Twilight Series … in Chinese!

Chances are you’re either a fan of Twilight or have a friend, sibling or child who is a fan. Either way, we wanted to let you know about our Chinese language versions of these bestsellers.

Some of our more popular titles, the Twilight series is great for intermediate to advanced Chinese students looking to begin reading Chinese. They can be read in tandem with the English version to help with comprehension. Parents of native speakers looking to find ways to get their children to read more in Chinese will also find these books useful. What better way to get your child interested in Chinese with a series adored around the world?

You can check out our titles below:

Twilight (暮色)
New Moon (新月) – On order
Eclipse (月食)
Breaking Dawn (破晓)
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (布里*坦纳第二次短暂生命)

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