Chinese Textbook Series: New Practical Chinese Reader

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The New Practical Chinese Reader is the most popular Chinese textbook series in the United States, having sold over one million copies over the past decade. Originally published by Beijing Language and University Press in 1981 as the “Practical Chinese Reader,” the series was completely revised in 2002, hence the name “New Practical Chinese Reader.”

Series Description

The new series consists of six levels, each with a textbook, workbook and accompanying MP3 and DVD. Chapters in volumes one through four follow a similar layout, featuring dialogue, vocabulary, conversation practice, reading comprehension, grammar and character practice sections.

The dialogues follow the lives of several international students and their Chinese friends, and emphasize the instruction of functional language. Sample chapter topics in Book 1 include introductions, asking for directions, discussing your family, making purchases and meeting friends.

A Look Inside the Book

Here are several sample pages from Chapter 8: How many people are there in your Family?

New Practical Chinese Reader photo photo2_zps679d75f9.jpg

New Practical Chinese Reader Dialogue

New Practical Chinese Reader photo photo1_zpsafa6b645.jpg

New Practical Chinese Reader Vocabulary

Compiling Standards

New Practical Chinese Reader was complied under the guidance of the new HSK Guidelines. The HSK is the Chinese language equivalent of the TOEFL. It’s the standard by which the Chinese government, Chinese schools and companies both in China and abroad determine your level of Chinese fluency. The New Practical Chinese Reader was prepared with the HSK test in mind, meaning it’s an excellent tool for students who intend to take the HSK.

Other Information You Should Know

The second edition of New Practical Chinese Reader is now out! Make sure when you place your order, either on our China Books website or through our sales association Scott (who can be contacted at or by phone at 650-872-7076) you indicate the edition you want.

For Language Teachers

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