Understanding China: 70 Years of Progress and Development (PDF delivery only)


Understanding China: 70 Years of Progress and Development (PDF delivery only)


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70 years ago China was an impoverished country that lay in ruins after decades of war and more than a century of conflict from without and within. Today, China is among the world’s leading nations, both in terms of economic metrics and overall strength. China’s journey to national renewal has begun, and a bright future lies ahead.

China will not forget the suffering of its people 70 years ago. Hunger and disease were chronic and widespread, people were desperately poor, many were displaced or homeless. China will not forget the indignities and humiliations China suffered in the 20th century when it was bullied and cut up into spheres of influence by foreign powers. Today’s China is no longer the “sick man of Asia”, but stands tall and strong, and is poised to move closer to center stage in the global arena.

For over 100 years between 1840 and 1949, the Chinese people tried to find their way through struggle and resistance. The Opium Wars in the middle of the 19th century were followed by repeated wars of aggression by foreign powers that devastated the land and caused widespread misery and sorrow. Numerous political theories and remedies were proposed by enlightened individuals in desperate attempts to save our nation from annihilation and our people from further misery. However, none were successful. Political organizations and parties each took their turn in power, yet one after another had to bow out without altering the nation’s tragic circumstances and path to ruin.

When the Communist Party of China (CPC) was founded in 1921 it had only some 50 members, and few thought it had much potential. Yet it was this party armed with Marxism that lit a beacon of hope for China. It went on to inject life into the revolution and alter the direction of the nation. Under its leadership, the Chinese people waged monumental struggles to throw off the yoke of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism, commonly known as the “three crushing mountains,” and to win independence and liberation. These efforts led to the reversal of the nation’s downward spiral starting from the mid-nineteenth century, and paved a bright new path to prosperity.

Modernization was and has been a long-sought-after goal for many countries, especially developing ones. Instead of following the beaten track, China was able to follow its own unique path, and completed the process of industrialization within a few decades instead of the centuries it took other developed countries. China’s successes expand the range of options available for developing nations to modernize, offer different choices for those who seek faster development while maintaining their independence, and provide new solutions to global challenges facing all of humanity. It is this fascination with China’s revolutionary process that has captured the attention of the worldwide community.

Understanding China summarizes China’s struggle over the past seventy years. It is a remarkable book which is part of the “Face to Face” series, published in Chinese by Xuexi Publishing House, with millions of copies sold. This English edition, published by Long River Press, is the result of an international publishing cooperative endeavor. This book is a must-read for those interested in governmental and political studies, East Asian studies, and world history.

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