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Making the China Connection


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Doing business in China is no simple matter. While Silicon Valley companies and multinational corporations have at their disposal lawyers, quality control firms and a raft of contacts that smooth their entry into the Chinese market, most small to medium sized enterprises simply cannot afford such services. To make matters worse, myths about the quality of Chinese goods and the country’s murky legal system abound, making the possibility of a China venture for most seem even more unrealistic. Thankfully, author, China-hand and longtime manufacturing guru Tom Galey is here to help.

In Making the China Connection Galey uses his 30-plus years of work experience in Asia to provide readers an invaluable insider perspective on doing business in China. Leaving no stone unturned, Galey teaches what it takes to get a product made, as well as the historical and cultural information necessary to building successful, ethical relationships with Chinese business partners. If you do not know but want to learn about the nitty-gritty details of factory payments and shipping options or how cultural concepts such as Face and Guanxi might make or break your business deal, then Making the China Connection is for you.

Editorial Reviews

“This book is essential reading if you are doing business with China or just trying to understand what’s going on there. Galey has done business in China for decades. He explains the importance of knowing Chinese history and culture, and of understanding the Chinese viewpoint of international business.”

-Mike Revzin, President of

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Tom Galey has a degree in economics from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. He moved to Taiwan to learn Mandarin at the age of 25, whereupon he embarked on a career in product manufacturing and import-export in Greater Asia. He has worked for Exon and at Budweiser pioneered a method of factory direct purchasing. Today Tom lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he teaches economics and business and also works as a consultant.

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