China: The Big Lie?


China: The Big Lie?


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Did you know that millions of normal middle and lower-class Chinese are far wealthier than we even thought, hiding between 6 to 10 trillion dollars of shadow cash? Or that this astounding fact is rarely discussed by mainstream media gleefully driving the narrative that China’s economy may be headed for a big slowdown? If not then China: The Big Lie? is right up your alley.

Author Mario Cavolo provides the reader a thoroughly researched, on-the-ground look at the relationship between this secret wealth and the rest of Chinese society. He uses insightful analysis into topics as varied as the real estate market, online retail and the traditional Chinese family to capture the strength of China’s economy. For a country plagued by its fair share of misconceptions, Cavolo’s unrelenting scrutiny of reality vs. myth is a welcome change.


“Unexpected brilliant insight into the lives of real people provides the reader a new and fresh perspective to help make sense of reality in China today. A ‘must read.’-Rory Farquhar Thomson, Head of Corporate & Institutional Banking at Intesa Sanpaolo               SpA, Shanghai

“Cavolo has written the Freakonomics for China watchers. What Dubner and Levitt did for our assumptions about how America and the global economy work, he does for China, upending all of our notions of how things are by combining shrewd observation, cultural insight, and basic microeconomics to blow apart finance column clichés about China’s rise.”

-Nicholas MacDonald, Editorial Director at iTV-Asia

Unknown trillions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding China. Mario’s book delivers a deep and true picture like no other China book, it is a must read.”

-Jacky Cheng, Managing Director at The Scott Partnership

“Mario Cavolo gives his readers a ‘boots on the ground’ perspective rarely found in today’s literary circles. He not only writes about the real China, he lives and breathes the culture of the Middle Kingdom with each passing day. It is refreshing to read a book about China that delivers a non-biased account of such a diverse and complex society. Cavolo knows this territory better than most.”

-Gene Kern, President at Emperor Food’s China

“You’ll never read a more compelling, true and convincing view of the real China. The author handily exposes unknown trillions and masterfully compares and contrasts the driving values and behaviors shaping the dance between the US and China.”

-Cedric Frignet, Founder & CEO at iIn-Buzz, Hong Kong

About the Author

Mario Cavolo, Vice President of Scott PR China, has this week joined the China Speakers Bureau. Mario’s ground-shifting book on over 10 trillion US dollars worth of savings among China’s rising middle class is going to change our view on the country’s macro economics, and how it works out on an individual level.

His book delivers a striking macro view of China’s place in the world, the unknown off-the-books trillions of its rising middle class, sharing a distinctive blend of stories with a rigorous data set shattering reality vs. myth on the good, the bad and the misunderstood of China and the impact across the globe. Mario’s business diversity in China includes appearing on Bloomberg TV Hong Kong, communication advisory and media coaching for numerous Asia Pacific senior level executives, a variety of acting appearances in China’s most popular TV series, along with business lectures at top MBA schools.

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