The Legend of Snow Wolf: Reincarnation


The Legend of Snow Wolf: Reincarnation


The Legend of Snow Wolf: Reincarnation is a fast-paced, sweeping tale of epic fiction in the Wuxia (martial arts) tradition. Warriors, battles, supernatural powers, prophecy, and destiny collide in a whirlwind of action, intrigue, and romance that links past and present.


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The first volume in Chinese author F. Lit Yu’s Legend of Snow Wolf series, this book is a fast paced, sweeping epic in the Chinese Wuxia (Chinese martial arts) tradition. Taking place on the China-Mongolian border in legendary times, wolves and men fight for domination of the steppe. Suthachai, a young warrior, discovers he has been poisoned and embarks with the alchemist Li Kung on a quest to find a cure. The two soon become embroiled in a much larger conflict, as clues to an antidote point toward the mysterious Snow Wolf, a once revered goddess who unbeknownst to Suthachai and Li Kung plans to use them to defeat her sworn enemies the mysterious Dragon Houses. Filled with intrigue, romance and action, Snow Wolf is both a ground-breaking entry into the nascent English language Wuxia genre and an incredible read.

Editorial Reviews for the Snow Wolf Series

“This an ambitious tale with a large cast and interesting plot twists—and a lot of bloodshed. Tension is constant, and the writing shimmers.”

Elizabeth Varadan, San Francisco Book Review

“The characters express many different facets of human nature, some contradictory, but yet realistic sides of a person.  Their motivation to do things draws deeply from different philosophies and shows the diversity inherent in China’s history, something I appreciated while reading this epic tale.”

-Paper Dragon Ink blog

“New author Fred Lit Yu certainly has set the bar high with his first English wuxia (martial arts) novel, The Legend of Snow Wolf: Reincarnation. He’s carved out a space in the fantasy arena with a superb, naturalistic tale filled with breath-taking fight scenes, twisted romances, and heart-breaking tragedies, all delicately wrapped in Snow Wolf’s legend.”

Chelle Ang, author of Blood and Honor

About the Author

Fred Lit Yu lives in New York City. This is his first novel.

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