Red Guard Fantasies and Other Stories


Red Guard Fantasies and Other Stories


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“With unadorned prose and utmost compassion, Qi portrays a range of characters beset by fortune and misfortune . . . Red Guard Fantasies offer glimpses of How to Be Chinese, now that instructions from the Little Red Book no longer apply.”—Gloria Frym, author of Distance No Object

Take a wild ride through contemporary Chinese society, which continues to accelerate at a blistering, unrestrained pace decades after the end of the Cultural Revolution. Red Guard Fantasies blazes a new trail in contemporary literature by forcing a reconciliation between China’s new urban sensibility and its centuries of tradition. The results are certainly not predictable. Shouhua Qi’s stories are witty, poignant, absurd, and shocking. Part autobiographical, they offer a masterful depiction of the myriad world of jaded entrepreneurs, overzealous cops, karaoke addicts, dog lovers, liberated coeds, and frustrated urbanites who move in and out of China’s colorful neon-lit cities and dusty rural villages, transitioning from one world to the other.

Shouhua Qi shows a China that is both superficial and plastic, as well as profoundly righteous and moralistic. He offers a powerful look at a society hanging on for dear life as it continues to shape its own culture at breakneck speed while holding on to its traditions lest they be buried or a skyscraper built upon them.

More than anything, Red Guard Fantasies is a deeply personal and powerfully moving elegy for China’s lost generation.

About the Author

Shouhua Qi believes that “a story must be exceptional enough to justify its telling” (Thomas Hardy) and that creativity comes from “the abrasive juxtaposition” of life experiences (Mario Capecchi).

Qi’s fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Feminist Studies, AMBIT, The Connecticut Review, Rain Flower, and many other publications. He is the author of “Twin-Sun River: An American POW in China” (2011), “Purple Mountain: A Story of the Rape of Nanking” (2010), “Red Guard Fantasies and Other Stories” (2007), “Pearl Jacket and Other Stories” (translator/editor, 2008), “Bridging the Pacific: Searching for Cross-Cultural Understanding Between the United States and China” (2000), and more than ten other books.

His latest scholarly endeavor is “Western Literature in China and the Translation of a Nation” set to be released in March 2012.

Shouhua Qi is Professor of English at Western Connecticut State University.

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