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Chinatown (VCD)


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As one more major project following “Millennium Tour”, “European Tour” and ” From Pole to Pole”, “China Town” focuses on ethic Chinese living in all over the world. It is co- sponsored by phoenix satellite TV and China Overseas Exchange Association.
“China Town” traces the living and development of ethic Chinese in their immigration history, reflects their colorful truth of life from different angles-their living condition, the long changing journey of their cultures and ideology, their living environment and culture phenomena, underlining the main theme entitied “Chinese immigrants and their story”.
“China Town” aderes to its trait and style in making the progran to ensure on- the spot documentary, to be true and dranatic, to show the culture event of humankind with great entertaining enjoyment, featuring those who have been through vicissitudes of life that are unheard of, who have special fates or extraordinary achievements while presenting the exceptional culture phenomenon on their community.

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