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Chinese Graphic Novels or “Lianhuanhua”

...  Graphic Novels or "Lianhuanhua" Slate history writer Rebecca Onion wrote a very cool ...  classic tells the story in Lianhuanhua form, a serialized graphic novel that separates text from picture. Released in 1930 just a year ...

My Way 4: Spring Scenery

...  Scenery address death, loss and filial love. A wonderful graphic novel from an awesome writer/illustrator. For intermediate Chinese reading ...

A Sampler of Chinese Literature: From the Ming Dynasty to the Mao Zedong Era

...  by "Outlaws of the Marsh", the great picaresque classic novel. "War and Revolution" reflects the uprising of an outraged people against domestic oppression and foreign invasion. "Transition" graphically describes China's intellectual ferment and ethical conflicts in an ...

Meet the Staff

...  is a printing professional with a passion for graphic design, illustration, typesetting and layout. Kana is a recent addition ...  immigrated to the U.S. in the 1980s. Limin loves to read novels in his free time. His favorite book is Thirty Six Strategies since he ...


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