Why buy from China Books

Why buy from China Books?

1. A comprehensive catalog of quality products

With 2,000 titles in stock at any time, China Books is a one stop shop for Chinese teachers and professors at all levels. Our staff painstakingly curate the China Books catalog, making sure we’re providing you and your students the highest quality product available.

2. Experienced staff committed to customer service before and after the sale

We’ve been in business for more than 50 years and in that time we’ve seen it all. Do you need help determining what books might be best for your classroom? We can help with that. Do you need suggestions for classroom activities? We can help with that too.

3. An aggressive price matching policy

Thing you can get a better price elsewhere? Think again! We want your business and are willing to work to keep it. If you have a quote from someone else we will do our best to beat it.

4. Sample Copies

If you have a teacher who doesn’t quite know what he or she wants to use for her class, we will ship sample copies so you can inspect the books for yourself. You have 60 days to decide what you want to use. You only pay for what you want and return the rest to us.

Teachers: This goes for you too! If you’re thinking about adopting a textbook we carry let us know and we’ll get you a copy.

5. Desk Copies

Ultimately we’re in this business to help teachers and students. Desk copies are essential to allowing teachers to prepare lesson plans and lead students. If you order over 20 copies we’ll send you an another copy for your teacher for free.

6. 1-day turnaround for orders

When you order from China Books you’re ordering from our San Francisco office, not China. This means that as soon as you place an order we begin packing boxes and printing labels to get you your product as fast as possible.

7. Flexible Returns Policy

Not satisfied with a product? Order too many? Our flexible returns policy is designed to accommodate schools, bookstores and other institutions that don’t always know how many copies they need. You can read more about our returns policy here.

Other Services for Schools

1. Print on Demand service for custom materials

Has your professor developed his or her own lesson plan? If so we can print and bind it at an incredibly low price with our POD service. You can read more about that here.

2. China books essay contest

When your district, school or classroom orders from China Books they automatically become qualified for the China Books Essay Contest. Held at regular intervals throughout the year, students send submissions to our San Francisco office. We award a free Chinese language or culture themed prize to the best essay in each class. If teachers prefer that all students win we can work something our for that too.

Note: Essays can be as simple as a single character or as complicated as an essay about Lu Xun depending on the level of the student.

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