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Dear Friends of China Books,

Thank you for visiting our website! For the past 50 years we have provided our customers with the best and most relevant books on Chinese language, culture and society. It gives me immense pleasure to know your interest in China has brought you to our site. I hope you take the time to look around at all it has to offer.

The China Books staff is committed to openness and accessibility, qualities fundamental to our identity as a business focused on customer service. You’ll notice below each of our staff has a bio, picture and contact information. If you have questions don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and get in touch. We love Chinese culture and approach each and every day with a zest for our work. We would love to hear from you.

On a personal note, I would like to sincerely thank our longtime customers and friends who have been with China Books going back to its days as a bookseller and distributor with locations in San Francisco, Chicago and New York. Few companies in the U.S. can claim customers stretching back five decades. We are proud to be counted among them.



CHRISChris Robyn / Senior Managing Editor

Chris Robyn has worked in academic and trade publishing fields for 20 years. He began his career at the University of California Press before joining China Books as Editor and Marketing Director in 1999. He enjoys reading and publishing books on all aspects of Chinese history and culture.

Chris received his B.A. in Asian Studies from California State University, Long Beach, and his M.Phil. in History from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “Working with Israel Epstein on My China Eye was fantastic. Helping to tell his life story was an unforgettable experience for me.” Chris manages the China Books and Long River Press publishing imprints. Prospective authors please write to

KELLYKelly Feng / Sales Manager

Originally from Ningbo, China, Kelly moved to San Francisco during high school and graduated from San Francisco State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Kelly joined China Books in 2006 and knows the business in and out. She works in sales, marketing, account management and customer service.

Kelly loves music and food. Whenever she needs inspiration, she looks to her all-time favorite book, Quotations from Chairman Mao, for answers. Please contact Kelly for inquiries concerning wholesale and distribution, as well as general questions about our products. Kelly can be reached at or 650.872.7076 Ext. 310.


SCOTTScott Zhang / Sales

In 2003, Scott moved from Beijing, China to the United States. While his first couple months in the country were a little rough, he soon discovered a deep and abiding love for two great American pastimes, backyard barbecues and Sunday Night Football. Despite his love for all things American, Scott still favors tea over coffee and heartily recommends the China Books classic All the Tea in China.

With his extensive sales experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Scott is the consummate sales pro. He works with a wide range of customers and clients, selling everything from academic titles to Chinese language resources. Scott is particularly passionate about Traditional Chinese Medicine and is our contact person of a number of Traditional Chinese Medicine professionals in Chinese communities across the US. You can reach Scott at or 650.872.7718 Ext. 317.


KANAKana Liu / Prepress Manager

Kana is a printing professional with a passion for graphic design, illustration, typesetting and layout. Kana is a recent addition to the China Books team, having joined in 2014. She does web design, helps prepare marketing materials and is working hard on establishing Sinomedia’s print-on-demand business.

Kana is an avid traveler and hopes to combine that passion with her entrepreneurial and cross-culture skills in her design career. She is very interested in art and architecture, so much so that she insisted on purchasing two China Books titles, Classical Chinese Furniture and Snapshots of a New China, her first day on the job! You can contact Kana at or 650.872.7718 Ext. 313.



MINGMing Hua Sun / Subscription Manager

2014 marked Ming’s 30th year with China Books. Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Ming was the first and only Chinese employee at China Books in the 1980s. She loves food and travel, and takes great pride in living a healthy lifestyle. Ming greatly enjoys her morning walks along the sunny waterfront next to the China Books offices.

Ming now supervises the magazine department, managing the sales of titles like China Today and Beijing Review to thousands of families across the United States. If you are interested in subscribing to any periodicals, Ming would be happy to assist you. You can contact her at, or 650.872.7718 Ext. 303.



LIMINLimin Yam / Fulfillment

Growing up amidst the Cultural Revolution in China, Limin left his rural hometown to attend school in Shanghai. Later as a student he took part in the “Down to the Countryside Movement” and then immigrated to the U.S. in the 1980s. Limin loves to read novels in his free time. His favorite book is Thirty Six Strategies since he “fell right into the beauty trap once back in the 1970 Chinese countryside.”

Limin rules in the warehouse, where he manages the China Books stock and order fulfillments. Limin knows the exact location of every single one of China Books’ products and is more than happy to prove it when tested! Limin joined China Books in 2001. You can reach him at 650.872.7718 Ext. 315.


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