Check out our Picture Characters book… Now on Sale!

Check out our Picture Characters book… Now on Sale!

For the next week (Feb. 14-Feb. 21) one of our more popular language learning titles, Picture Characters, will be on sale for $19.96.  That is a 20% discount off it’s usual price of $24.95.

At China Books we’re not going to give you the “key” to learning Chinese characters. To be honest there is no one “key.” We will, however, share with you as many strategies as humanly possible for memorizing characters more easily and efficiently.

One of those strategies is thoroughly documented in Picture Characters, a book we developed and published in collaboration with Licheng Gu, Coordinator of the Chinese Language Program and Professor of Chinese at Northwestern University.

Professor Gu noticed over the course of his career that students able to associate characters with other mental images fared much better than those who simply used rote memorization. He soon found himself thinking up inventive tricks to teach his students how to remember characters, often to much success.

At China Books we have collected Professor Gu’s memorization tricks for the most common 200 characters with the aim of introducing as many students as possible to his fun and effective memorization methods.

Here is the link to the product page where you can read more about the book:

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