How to hack Chinese grammar (according to Hacking Chinese)

At China Books we have a ton of Chinese language textbooks, Chinese language readers and Chinese grammar books. Sometimes, however, after perusing our website customers will ask questions like, “Is is really necessary that I buy a grammar guide?” “There are so many other resources on the internet, why don’t I just use a podcast or a youtube video instead of a textbook?”

The truth of the matter is there is no one way to learn Chinese. Podcasts and youtube videos are all valuable resources. HOWEVER, very few things can match the thorough grounding in grammar and sentence structure offered by textbooks, especially for beginners. Look no further than a recent article by Olle Linge at Hacking Chinese for proof. Olle, who you can read more about here, put together a panel of 15 scholars, teachers, linguists and students who have studied or are studying Chinese. He then posed to them a simple question:

“How should we learn Chinese grammar?”

Read the article for yourself. It’s interesting to see the responses. While there is no consensus across the board, most of the panelists agree it’s really hard to learn Chinese without a structured guide to the basic fundamentals of the language.

And our sales at China Books bear that out. We sold 30,000 textbooks last year to a wide range of customers, including elementary, middle and high schools, Chinese college programs, private Chinese language schools and individual customers. Our conclusion? If you’re learning Chinese you need a textbook.

If you have any questions about what materials will best suit your needs feel free to get in contact with us at, 650-872-7718 or through any of our social media linked below. Be sure to check out our textbooks, readers and grammar books too.

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