Four People to Follow on Twitter

Having brought you posts on our favorite phone apps and applications for learning Chinese, we thought it would be a good time to cover our favorite China peeps on Twitter. In short, if you want up-to-date news and analysis on what’s happening in China at any given moment these are the people to follow.

Chris Buckley (@ChuBailiang) – Chris Buckley is a New York Times reporter with some of the funniest tweets around. Of course he also provides a regular stream of tweeted links to articles on China’s politics, culture and economy too, much of it from the NYT’s Sinosphere blog where he serves as editor.

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China Fiction Book Club (@cfbcuk) – Founded and run by translator extraordinaire Nicky Harmon, China Fiction Book Club provides all you need to know about the latest Chinese fiction being translated into English.

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Bill Bishop (@niubi) – Bill Bishop runs Sinocism, by far the most comprehensive China newsletter around. He tweets the most important links from Sinocism too, so his feed is a great resource for both English and Chinese language news.

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David on Formosa (@davidonformosa) – David on Formosa (sorry, we don’t know his real name) runs the excellent blog Letters from Taiwan and provides valuable insight into Taiwanese politics and society.

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