My First Chinese Storybooks Series

My First Chinese Storybooks Series

It’s really tempting for parents to pick up a children’s book with the intention of using it to introduce their child to Chinese. And while we applaud any parent who takes the time to get their kid interested in a language, not all children’s books are created equal. Our “My First Chinese Storybook” Series is one of the better resources out there and we wanted to use today’s blog post to tell you why.

The combination of characters, tones and meaning in Chinese is especially daunting for younger kids. The average children’s book on the market doesn’t make this predicament any easier.  Many don’t include an English translation AND pinyin, meaning while the book might introduce your child to how characters look on the page, it often won’t provide them any guide to pronunciation. Other books have the pinyin pronunciation, but lack the English translation.

That’s exactly where resources like My First Chinese Storybooks come in handy. Using characters, pinyin and a CD, even a parent who has zero experience with Chinese can make sure their child is introduced to the language in a comprehensive way. You can check out some of the pictures below to get an idea of what each page looks like (After clicking the image an icon in the right hand corner will let you expand it further).



One of our more popular series, you can see from the examples above how the books highlight several simple, specific sentence structures.  While your child is getting a feel for individual words, they also begin the process of acclimating to Chinese grammar patterns.

You can check out the titles in our series below. And as always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us at, call 650-872-7076 or get in touch with us through our social media linked at the bottom of the page.

Titles in the Series:
Hurry Up Hurry Up 快点快点
Dinner Is Ready 吃饭了
It is Bedtime for Xiaolong 小龙要睡觉
Where is The Football 足球在哪里
Not Right Now 现在不行
A Big Spider 大蜘蛛
Xiaolong’s Birthday Present 小龙的生日礼物
That is Wrong 不对不对
Never Mind 没关系
Wait a Minute 等一下

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